Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wake up your tired couch...

....With a bit of espresso. As I mentioned in a previous blog post "Meed the Browns" I have really been loving the browns that can be used to help tie the decor of a room together. I think it's because it has a look of 'nature' about it. This deep brown pillow color, called 'espresso', can be had as just a pillow cover or for a bit more, with a pillow insert included. The size is 20" by 20" and the cover is woven cotton.
Oxford Pillow in Espresso
Oxford Pillow in Espresso 

With a touch of cosmopolitan flair this Brown Paris Postcard pillow will add a stylish touch to the right sofa or chair especially paired with solid colors.

                                 Brown Decorative Pillow
With a swirling, stylized paisley pattern, this Brown Decorative Pillow with beige stitching comes in size 18"x18".  These pillows come in a set of 2 and would be nice for bookending a couch.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Meet the Browns

For the past few years I have really been drawn to brown as an accent and decorating element in my environment.

I think it may be because of it's almost neutral characteristic - it's like the beige of the color world. It has been credited with being the new black in fashion trends but of course many colors have been awarded that claim as they fall in and out of favor.

I began to consider how marketing something as just brown can be counter productive to increasing sales for retailers. For example, which sounds more enticing, a 'brown' pillow, or a 'mocha' pillow?

In looking at synonyms in an online dictionary for the color brown, these are the variations I found:
Shades of Brown
Shades of Borwn - Flicker Creative Commons
Burnt sienna
Beige (?!)
Cafe au lait

Now whose to say what constitutes chocolate and what makes for cocoa...rather subjective I would say but I think there would be agreement that colors like carmel (caramel) and tan would be more in the middle of the spectrum and cafe au lait and buff on the lighter side.
. And beige? I never considered it in the 'browns' - more in the darker 'whites' but again that seems to show how subjective colors can be.

Are you a brown lover? Let me know in the comments which brown is your favorite.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Yummy Pillow Fun

Plush Cupcake PillowThis fun novelty pillow makes a child's, teen's or even an adult's bedroom sweet without any extra calories.

With prominent blue and green shades, this cupcake pillow will be a nice addition to a bed or side chair.

Monday, March 12, 2012

So sweet....

This little blue cloud pillow looks as soft as, well, a cloud! Can't you just see a few of these strewn around a baby/toddler's room? This pattern is almost similiar to the blue ticking pattern of my last post but that's a firmer, heavier cotton material.  I remember this type of soft, knitted material from the little newborn hat they gave me when my children were born at the hospital. Ohhh, just the thought makes me sigh. And that little, tiny bird is too cute!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Blue Ticking Pillow

Does this bring back memories? It does for me.

I can remember going to my grandmother's house and sleeping on pillows like this stuffed with feathers. Fried chicken, potatoes with onions, blue ticking pillows...hmmm, what small things bring back childhood memories for you?

You can purchase either the cover 'only' or the whole pillow - I like that! It comes in size 12x12 or 12x20 and if you DO desire an insert, you can get it with either polyfill OR feather. Grandma would be proud! You can find it at Pillow Decor

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Arabesque Blue Sky Pillow

The flowing lines and the serene blue background give this pillow a real peaceful feel. It's simple yet also stylish, don't you think? It measures 16x16in and is 3 inches deep.It's currently on sale at Linda Anderson where there is always a flat shipping fee of $4.95

Red Silk Throw Pillow

If nothing else in your room changes, consider at least adding some dramatic accent pillows. This vibrant red silk throw pillow may be just the touch you need to take a room from 'so-so' to "Wow!'
PillowDecor offers this eye catching pillow which comes in size 22x22. You can use the standard polyester fill or for and extra charge, have it feather filled.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Multi Color Embroidered Pillow

Yep, I've got a thing for color and this pillow definetly delivers the goods. This multi color pillow is designed to mimic the look of stained glass. The jewel tones of red, orange, green and blue in combo with hand crewel wool embroidery work give this pillow a unique finish. The size is 13x20. All purchases from BurkeDecor over $60 are given free shippng and if you hurry, you can also get a 7% off any purchases for the remainder of the summer.