Monday, December 26, 2005

Body Pillows

You don't have to settle for just the simple standard size or even queen size pillow these days. No. You can give your body a full cushion-y treat with a variety of body pillows now available. Fillings can range from polyfil to foam to feathers to 'microbeads'. And shapes are just as plentiful. Take a look at these.

"Barbapapa" Body Pillow by Mogu, 14" x 24" $75.00 USD

Bean Products Sleeping Body Pillow 5 different fillings available
including white goose feather and staph chek, 66inches long. Starts at $44.00 USD

Mogu Long Pom Pom Body Pillow
icon 37inches long, $24.99 USD

Hooked on Comfort Body Pillow Yellow $69.99 USD. Online ONLY

Snoogle Original
icon $49.99 USD


  1. Hi Roni - thanks for stopping by my blog and the kind comments (I come from my comment section - lol)...
    I didn't know that they Barbapappa body pillows - that is just too funny. That was a huge cartoon in Germany - as far as I remember :).
    I am glad that you enjoyed my goals for 2006.

  2. Wendy directed me here today.


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