Sunday, June 18, 2006

Back sleeper or side sleeper?

Hollander Home Fashions conducted a survey to find out people's sleeping styles and pillow habits. Their survey of 140 participants found that:

  • More women than men sleep on their stomachs (21% of men compared to 7% of women).

  • Men choose the back position more often than women (27% of women compared to 11% of men).

  • Both men AND women seem to prefer the side laying position however (62% of both men and women).

Although I'm not positive, I would bet that if you asked most of those women of the survey, pregancy probably formed a great deal of their sleeping philosophy, considering doctors recommend that women NOT sleep on their backs during the middle/later stages of pregnancy. It becomes a habit.
The 140 were also surveyed as to when they would likely change their pillows. Only 14% said they would get new pillows within the time frame recommends by the manufacturers.
I can relate. Once you find a pillow you are comfortable with, it becomes like an old friend. Maybe a dustmite harboring friend but a friend none the less.

Read sleeping/pillow survey here.

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