Friday, January 26, 2007

Washing Pillows

Here is a brief question and answer segment that someone asked regarding washing pillows. While the idea of tennis balls or tennis shoes in the dryer may not be new to you, the other little tid-bit the answerer throws in may be a bit of news you haven't heard before.


Q: I took my polyester-filled bed pillows to a Laundromat. I followed the directions on the tag, but they came out lumpy and unusable. I didn't dry them. Where did I go wrong?
Ann Magazeni

A: Putting them into the dryer with a couple of clean tennis balls or tennis shoes might have helped, said Russ Holbrook, vice president of merchandising in the basic bedding division of bedding manufacturer Springs Global.

Nevertheless, how well the pillows come out also depends partly on the types of fibers used. Fibers that are siliconized, which makes them slick, are often used in better pillows and tend to come out better, Holbrook said.

The next time you buy pillows, test a few by moving some of the fibers between your fingers through the pillow cover, he suggested. Siliconized fibers feel slippery; other fibers feel drier.

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