Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let Your Pillow Talk...I Mean 'Sing'

This puts a new spin on the phrase 'pillow talk'; or more like 'pillow song'. A unique idea I found online are these pillowscases that exhibit the lyrics to a meaningful song that you and your beloved share. Here is the article in it's entirety.

Create a romantic pillow for your mate

Gannett News Service

Don't you want to be the last thing on your significant other's mind before he/she falls asleep? Diamonds and roses are nice, but they won't do the trick.

Choose your favorite tune — maybe one from your wedding or first date — write the lyrics on a pillowcase, then dye it whatever shade you want.

Fabric-friendly supplies ensure the pillowcase will be soft and irresistibly huggable — just like you.

This is also a fun project for kids to try. Let them draw on the pillowcase or scribble a love note. Resist medium and fabric spray paint can be found in the clothing aisles at the craft store.

Love song pillowcase


1 white pillowcase

Cardboard to slide inside the pillowcase

1 bottle of Batik EZ resist medium

Lyrics to a love song


2 bottles of permanent spray-on fabric dye (red and pink)

Permanent spray-on fabric glitter


Slide the cardboard inside the pillowcase. Work on a flat, smooth surface, such as a large tabletop.

The resist medium comes in a bottle with a skinny nozzle, perfect for writing. Begin to write your lyrics on the pillow.

The resist medium is thick and will spread when applied, so make sure to write large letters with enough space so they will not bleed into each other. Once you have all the lyrics written, let the resist medium dry for 24 hours.

Choose a work area outside and line it with newspaper. Cover the pillowcase with the spray-on dye until it is thoroughly covered. Let dry, then repeat on the other side.

Add a layer of spray-on glitter, let dry over night. Wash the pillowcase in the sink to remove the resist medium. Turn inside out to wash and dry.

Embellish the rest of the pillowcase with trims or embroidery as desired.

Check out this article to see a sample picture of a finished pillow.

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