Saturday, October 29, 2005

Holiday Travel & Cheap Air Tickets

Well, I'm beginning to mentally prepare myself for the holidays here in the U.S.; how 'bout you? In case you have to do any long distance traveling this holiday season, you might want to treat you and your family to the comfort of neck pillows.
Click the photos for more info on each pillow and see more Travel Pillow info at Make sure you check out the article at the end from on finding affordable holiday plane tickets.

This is kinda bland in appearance
but for memory foam you can't beat the price.

Spa Sensations Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Cute and fun for the young traveler.

Children's Travel Set - Frog

Love the color, and Feathers none the less!
Neck Nook Feather Travel Pillow icon

If you DO have to travel, you should check out this article from on the 10 Tips For Finding Affordable Thanksgiving, Christmas Airline Tickets


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