Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More favorite pillows from Pillow-Guide.com - Eye Pillows

This is from my affiliate company Dream Essentials; they have lots of neat stuff to help enhance your 'sleeping experience'.

Warm Whiskers EyePillows from DreamessentialsWarm Whiskers EyePillows

These Eye Pillows make me smile whenver I see them...they look so cute, like real litte puppies and kitties, laying on your face (well that may not be THAT cute to some people!)

Oh yes, and a bunny rabbit too!

O.K. let's see a show of hands...how many think these are as cute as can be, and how many are thinking, "Quick, someone tell me the name of a blog that REALLY has interesting stuff?"

Say what you will, you should keep these cute little things in mind when trying to think of what to get that 'hard to shop for' person...all the better if that person happens to be an animal lover.

More favorite pillows soon...

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